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Bodegas Murviedro

Meet the Producer

Bodegas Murviedro was founded in Valencia in 1927. As the Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss Schenk Group, which has grown to become one of the most important wineries in the region. They have access to a wide range of both indigenous and internal varieties, and produce a broad portfolio of wine styles. 

The company's philosophy is based on combining the modern wine-making techniques with grapes from the traditionally vineyards to meet the highest international quality standards, while maintain their Spanish character and originality. 

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About the Winemaker

Juan Jose Munoz is the wine maker for Murviedro, however he is also a qualified farming engineer. His combined years of wine-making, allows him to work hand in hand with the growers and ensures he gets the grapes he wants for the wines he wants to create! 

Juan has worked as an oenologist internationally in Bordeaux, Australia, and Chile. Then in Spain for Abengibre and Funtealbilla, in La Manchuela, but also for the footballer Andres Iniesta's winery.


He joined Bodegas Murviedro in 2016 and set his objectives as "to get the most out of each varietal, to provide each wine with it's own personality and turn it into the maximum expression of its varietal origins" 

Wines from Murviedro

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