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    Boutinot South Africa    

Meet the Producer


Our affection for the land, wine and people has been on-going since 1992, long before many would have realized the true winemaking potential of this amazingly diverse country. It started with a few growers in a couple of regions and then it expanded from there!


Today we are very lucky that the partnerships we’ve formed over the past 30 or so years now allow us to access some truly amazing and unique sites, giving exceptional quality at phenomenal prices. The opportunities we’ve had to discover wild and uncultivated "lost blocks" that produce stunning and unforgettable wines makes things interesting (and fun) for all concerned.

When a country touches you in a way that South Africa has for so many people in the company it was only logical to take the next step and invest ourselves - so we bought a mountain, well at least half of one! The challenge to build something new with Wildeberg (meaning Wild Mountain) in Franschhoek is definitely going to be a love affair with nature and the elements!

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About the Winemakers


JD (left) and Ryno are our two full- time winemakers.  They spend an enormous amount of time out of the office, working with growers in the vineyards and cellars to ensure we get the right grapes from the right area, with very little interference.  They absolutely know the wine and style they want when it comes to bottling.

Some of our wines are produced from four or even five different areas, each with their own unique character, which results in added complexity and weight. Creativity has no bounds when people work together to benefit each other – as a team we try to be adventurous, take risks and find outstanding terroir to work with

with their own unique character, which results in added complexity and weight. 

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