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Boutinot USA

Meet the Producer

We started working in the USA back in 2007, launching initially with a Syrah Rose which was later to be replaced by the increasingly popular White Zinfandel.

For us, the USA as a wine-making country adds value to our portfolio, providing a very particular profile of wine that is generous, friendly and drinkable. Pure, ripe fruit with good body and colour and not too much tannin makes for an approachable offering.

Boutinot’s Californian range of wines bring a unique style to the table. Originating from the northern part of the Central Valley around Lodi, where vines were planted a very long time ago, the area is significantly influenced by the San Joaquim river feeding in from San Francisco Bay and the river deltas and breezes travelling south from Sacramento. This cooling effect means the wines are bright and fresh without any of the baked characteristics of warmer climate styles.

Aside from exceptional quality we aim to produce wines with personality that are true to their origins and typically Californian. Our ‘Showdown Malbec’ can rival the best of Argentinean Malbecs!

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About the Winemaker

Wines from USA

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