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Domaine de Vedilhan


Serica Viognier

Elaborately textured, full-flavored Viognier. The wine is aptly named after the Latin name for silk, "Serica". In the 14th century, silk production or sericulture was as widespread in this region as viticulture.



Food Match

Try with seared scallops and spring onions or fried tiger prawns with garlic. A nice match for aromatic Vietnamese dishes.

Tasting Notes

Richly textured with bitter-sweet aromas of crystalized orange peel, ginger and cream. Barrel fermentation brings subtle texture and richness rather than a dominant oaky flavor, leaving rich stone fruits to shine through.


All good wine is partly made in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. This is especially true of Serica Viognier, where the grower nurtures his Viognier vines producing healthy grapes at optimum ripeness. Domaine de Vedilhan (pronounced "Domaine de Ved-ee-ohn") is the estate of the Fayet family based in the village of Moussan close to Narbonne. The property is quite unique in that there is a brook running around the outskirts which provides natural irrigation to give much needed water. This gives the wines their freshness and appeal; keeping the vines cool in a very hot climate. 50% of the production from this Domaine is used for Boutinot wines. Since 1999, our winemakers have been working closely with the Fayet family on all aspects of the production, from when to harvest to the exact blend or style of wines. Vines are managed using the "lutte raisonnée" method. Terroir is a combination of limestone, sand and sea shale. We decided to ferment in 2/3 mature French oak barrels – a far more subtle maturation method than aging wine in a barrel.

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