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With over 40 years of history, wine is a lifelong passion for everyone in our company. ​ Our people work all over the world - discovering incredible producers and sourcing amazing wines. We represent a collection of winemakers from around the world - however, the relationships with our producers is more than a standard business partnership. ​


We only work with like-minded people who are in this business for the same reasons we are - a love for the industry and a passion for developing amazing new wines.


​ The US team is part of our larger Boutinot company so, while there are only 'a few' of us in the country, we have the support of over 180 people behind us, including Nigel Wilkinson (Master Sommelier) and Tony Brown (Master of Wine).


Our team are proud and passionate about our business and our wines. And our biggest drive is to share with our customers the wines we're crazy about.​


About Us

Wine is what we do.We produce, design, market, drink and, occasionally, even sell it "
Image by Max Delsid

Kati Ball

​Originally from ‘Bama but was raised in Miami. Kati is a mother of two – her son and husband, apparently it’s a debate as to who acts the oldest.


​ Ability to tie a shoe-lace; not so much – probably why she spends most of her time in the office bare-foot! ​ She can be found boating most weekends.

Kati .jpg

Paul Stacey

We would have shown a picture of Paul but we never see him so we had a model made of what we know he’s doing and what we think he looks like! ​


He’s been around a while so may have more wrinkles and grey hair than depicted. He’s been involved in wine for 35 years, we aren’t sure how many of those he’s worked!

Paul 3.jpg
Capture (1).JPG

Jacqueline Howell

Oz, Buddy Holly, Sophie and Arya – it’s not a game show or a musical but the names of various animals she owns, or that own her!


We think she’s more Dorothy, collecting companions as she goes... ​ An avid Star Wars fan, along with Game of Thrones, College Football (Ohio State) and the NFL (Patriots), it’s amazing she finds time to work!

Ronaldo 4.jpg

David McMurdy

American born but working on his English, his Spanish is pretty good – hence our resident expert on all things from Spain. ​


David, our frustrated soccer 'fútbol' player, is also our in house soccer player and office fact-checker - we think he has shares in Google and Wikipedia!

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