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Cabaret Frank No. 2 “The Aviary” Old Vine Cabernet Franc, 2019

A marvelous, lean, mustached celebration of the mighty Cabernet Franc. Meet Captain Francis Frobisher, otherwise known as CABARET FRANK. A fun celebration to the marvelous and mighty Cabernet Franc grape variety. The styling follows a slightly "Victorian" theme, a bygone era and all that with some fabulous facial furniture at the nub of the story. "In the late 19th century Captain Francis Frobisher discovered he had a rare gift - he was able to cultivate a variety of wondrous mustaches which took on a life of their own. He became known as Cabaret Frank and was the toast of society with the ladies, often fainting at the sight of this man and his varied performing mustaches." (It's all false of course... including the 'tache!).

SKU: UPB035 | Category: Red

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How it's made

The grapes are harvested from "old vines" (35 years old) sourced from the single biggest Cabernet Franc vineyard in the world located in central Lodi, California. To enable the true flavors and characters of this Cabernet Franc to shine through, no wood or oak has been used.

Food Match

This is a food wine that really lends itself to vegetarian dishes. Try it with grilled eggplant or zucchini. Drink this wine with meals containing green peppers, cabbage or herbs (particularly sage, thyme, rosemary or saffron). A versatile wine that is also fantastic with tomato based dishes; lighter meats such as turkey or chicken, along with gamey meats like duck.

Tasting Notes

A smooth, medium bodied and easy drinking wine that strikes a lovely balance with its blackberry, plum and dark cherry fruit characters coupled with classic varietal leafy tones. The story and overall package may be light-hearted but the wine inside is, as ever, seriously good with oodles of drinkability!




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
California, USA
Samantha Bailey
12 x 750ml
39 lbs.
70 cases per pallet / 5 layers

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