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Cape Heights Cinsault Rosé, 2020

A contemporary Rosé from this traditional and truly "at home in South Africa" grape variety.

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How it's made

This Rosé is made from only bush vines aged between 10 to 30+ years. The vineyards are cultivated under dry land conditions on Malmesbury Shale. Vine density is 3000 vines per hectare and the fruit is harvested by hand yielding 6-8t/ha. The vineyards of the Cape wine lands, abundant with wild flora and fauna, boast fertile soils and an ideal climate to allow nature to flourish. Grapes are crushed and de-stemmed, followed by 12 hours of skin contact. Grapes are then lightly pressed with a bag press prior to ensure that no harsh tannins are extracted. The juice is left to settle and inoculated prior to fermentation which takes place at a temperature of 53º to 59ºF and will usually last for three weeks.

Food Match​

Serve chilled, this is great picnic or barbecue wine for the summer. Also try with cold meats, seasonal salads or simply enjoy on its own!

Tasting Notes​

As you would expect of proper Cinsault Rosé from any part of the world, this is pale shallot skin in hue, with a nose of fresh cranberries and mountain fynbos. There's then a super bright palate of cranberries again, pink grapefruit and mandarin. It finishes clean, gently textural with the vivid vibrancy you would expect of Atlantic Cinsault.

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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Western Cape
Western Cape, South Africa
Ryno Booysen
12 x 750ml
31.50 lbs.
70 cases per pallet / 5 layers