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Eberbach Marcobrunn

The epitome of a well structured and well balance wine!

N/A | White

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How it's made

Made from the oldest monastery vineyard in the "Marckinborn" with a certificate from 1390 to prove
the early possession. During 1726 the site was a synonym for the finest Rheingau wines. The name
orginates from the classicistic fountain, which is located on the boundry between Hattenheim and
Eberbach. The location is southwards and shows a steepness from 0% to 25%. The clayey soil is
deep and calcareous.
The wine has to pass three steps to be considered "GG"
- Has to be out of a classified vineyard ("Grand Cru")
-There has to be a very strict vineyard management (yield max 50hl/ha)
-The last step is a special sensory wine tasting of an expert group. Only if this group confirms that
the wine fulfill the quality standard of "GG", is the estate allowed to use this specific label.

Food Match

Serve with any special occasion, just be sure to take your time and enjoy!

Tasting Notes

This wine shows complex fruit aromas of apple, mango, pear, passion fruits, and light oak notes.




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Eberbacher Marcorbunn
Rheingau, Germany
Kathrin Puff
6 x 750mL
17.64 lbs
75 Cases per pallet/ 5 Layers

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