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El Monstruo de Las Montañas Malbec Bonarda, 2019

High in the hills lives a lonely beast - Ucumar, the Andean yeti. Reports are rare but a "huge, silent monster" roams the mountains above Mendoza, it's beating heart heard loud down in the valleys, the bright whites of it's eyes there, then gone in a shadow. El Monstruo de Las Montañas celebrates this mystical hill-fellow in our richly-flavored, toothsome and big-hearted blend of local legends Malbec & Bonarda. The capsule is printed with an antique effect map to reflect this region of the country.

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How it's made

The Malbec grapes chosen for El Monstruo were sourced from carefully selected vineyards in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Bonarda adds a fruity freshness to the blend. Vinified in stainless steel.

Food Match

Made to be enjoyed with friends – throw a steak on the BBQ and sit back with your friends and enjoy a glass of this wine.

Tasting Notes

The nose offers an appealing mix of spices, bramble fruit and follows on the palate with dark, damson and savory overtones. It finishes smooth and rounded.




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Mendoza, Argentina
Guillaume Létang
12 x 750ml
31.50 lbs.
70 cases per pallet / 5 layers

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