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Le Petit Chat Malin Rosé, 2020

A scrumptious, Provence style dry rosé packed with ripe berry fruit.

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How it's made

Made by the "Rosé de presse" method where the grapes are not macerated on their skins but go straight to the press where the finer aroma and the flavor compounds, located just under the skins, are gently extracted on a slow cycle. The grapes are the discarded. They are not re-used to make red wine. This process is therefore both more expensive and wasteful – as extraction is limited to about 50% of the potential total – but is favored to release the best elements needed for a subtle and elegant rosé. Following alcoholic fermentation all the separate cuves were tasted and various trial blends made before deciding on the final blend.

Food Match

Slight spiciness with a savory finish suit this wine to go alongside with a tomato and cheese-based pasta dish, fish or light meats.

Tasting Notes

A very fruity and mouth-filling yet ultimately Provence style dry Rosé, packed with juicy red berry flavors, a luscious texture, with a savory finish.




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Vin de France
Vin de France, France
Guillaume Létang
12 x 750ml
31.57 lbs.
70 cases per pallet / 5 layers

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