Rag & Bone Riesling, 2020

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The rationale behind this label is a quirky one! Our product manager found out that due to the tiny production of a particular wine, half the vineyard fruit was to be discarded… so he stepped in to say we would be interested to play with this other half given the quality of the wine over previous years. This lead to thinking about up-cycling the near-discarded, how one man's trash is another man's treasure etc. AND while humming over a potential moniker for the wine, God's honest truth, a Rag & Bone van parked up outside his house calling for any old iron etc. Albeit a man in a white van, rather than horse & cart, the name stuck. The label reflects a collection of discarded items which together make up and electric assortment greater than the sun of it's parts.
How it's made
Food Match​

Eden Valley Riesling is prized for it's vibrancy, purity and longevity and has produced many of Australia's greatest Rieslings. The fruit for Rag & Bone is sourced from Binder's single vineyard, high up on the Eastern side of Eden Valley. Warm days and cool nights ensure that the grapes develop ripe, intense fruit flavors while retaining appealing zing and acidity. The fruit was delivered to the winery immediately after harvesting in the cool hours of the morning, then processed very gently through our tank press. Free run and pressing portions were determined by Christa, using her vast experience with this variety. A Ratafia style wine was made from the pressings and the free run juice was used to make this wine. The juice was cold settled and three days later the clear juice was transferred into fermentation tanks. Bottling takes place in the middle of June.

Well suited to seafood dishes, spicy cuisine and anytime in the company of those who enjoy a quality Riesling! Try chili prawns, green Thai curry, fish and chicken laksa (with chili, coconut, ginger and lime).

Tasting Notes​

The nose classically expresses the vineyard… it's like having a fresh lime in your hand that you crush gently over minerals… literally lime on the rocks!! The palate is bright, zingy, singing with natural acidity and really textural. It reflects the vineyard with it's fine sandy texture with really bright, white pithy fruit. Just a cracking Eden Valley Riesling.





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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Eden Valley
Eden Valley, Australia
Christa Deans-Binder
12 x 750ml