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The Capeography Co. Landscape Grenache Blanc, 2019

Our Landscape wines come from inland vineyards which are hot and baked, parched and dry. Only drought resistant grapes can thrive, searching deep into the soil to soak up nutrients and truly expressing the terroir. Landscape Grenache Blanc flourishes in the heart of wheat belt region of Swartland, where the hot dry shale soils give wine a pithy texture.

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How it's made

A contemporary cultivar to South Africa which enjoys the region's Atlantic breezes and drought. Known for it's influence in the Languedoc region of the southern Rhône, it's impact in South Africa will be felt as a sustainable grape variety and also for it's unique and exciting botanical appeal. Landscape Grenache Blanc comes from young drought resistant vines in Swartland where the hot, dry shale soils give the wine a pithy texture. This cultivar thrives in a drought climate so it's a sustainable source as well as a marvelous mouthful. The grapes are harvested in the cooler, early hours of the morning and packed into a chiller prior to pressing into steel fermenters, the preferred method used to maintain purity of the fruit. The fermented juice is racked prior to a gentle filtration to capture the full flavor in the bottle.

Food Match

Hints of jasmine and peach stone aromas make this perfect with braai baked chicken tagine.

Tasting Notes

Grenache Blanc is a super sensual variety with a strange and pithy otherness. Ripe stone fruit, jasmine and guava abound on the nose and the palate is underpinned by Swartland's bright sandy texture.




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Swartland, South Africa
Ryno Booysen & JD Rossouw
12 x 750ml
31.57 lbs.
70 cases per pallet / 5 layers

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