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The Tight Cluster Sparkling Shiraz, 2019

When picking the grapes for this wine, Smalltown Vineyards looked for tight clusters of Shiraz grapes as they tend to have more concentration and better flavor than loose clusters… thus the name… simple!

SKU: AMP030 Category: Sparkling

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How it's made

The initial wine saw some new oak, but was then transferred into older neutral oak once it was decided to hold the wine back. The blend was put together three years later and the wine underwent a secondary fermentation in the bottle. After approximately 13 months, the winemakers decided the wine was ready and decanted the juice into tank and adjusted the sugar. They sourced some fabulous young fortified Shiraz for the liquoring. This wine has been made a touch drier than most other sparkling Shiraz's on the market.

Food Match

All sorts of things would pair nicely from an eye catching aperitif, duck pâté, juicy rare steak, fall off the bone lamb shanks, to the perfect wine to wash down a sticky chocolate cake!

Tasting Notes

Red, sparkling, luscious and moorish! A bloody brilliant sparkling red – why are there not more of these around?! As you pour this tasty wine into your glass, you're instantly captivated by the beautiful rich red nectar with fine spiraling bubbles. The first whiff is of lovely leathery aromas and dark red fruit. When the delicate bubbles hit your tongue, soft cracked black pepper mingled with dark spices of cloves and star anise burst forth. Fruit driven, soft with nuances of well rounded raspberry jam – there's such a lovely blob of fruit in this wine, it is simply delicious!




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Contains sulfites and no other allergens
Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley, Australia
Rolf Binder
12 x 750ml

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